This site is currently under construction.

Please allow us to introduce ourselves: We are the Betbunch. We are the staff and clients of a supported workshop that is located in the vicinity of Milwaukee, WI. Because of confidentiality laws and the potential that someone out there might actually think that we endorse the companies that appear as part of the Tripod, Inc, advertising (and, for the record, we don't endorse or support or in any way control the Tripod advertising or the Tripod content)--we have chosen "Betbunch" to be our group moniker.

We are putting this site together as an experiment. We want to participate in the Internet, and so we thought we'd make some pages about the things we do. We'll share with you some information about the workshop, our trips, and all sorts of other things. We have lots of plans!

We are just beginning, however. We've only got a couple of things up so far. Have a look and please check back!

  • Our schedule of activites for this month. Teacher hopes to eventually put up a lesson plan for every activity listed, that other teachers working in this field can used this page as a resource.

  • Recipies we have made and enjoyed.

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