Grant of Arms, Unspecified Recipient

English, 1492. Illuminated document granting arms and signed and sealed by the Kings of Arms. This is typical; by the 15th century, authority to grant arms has been given to the various Heralds, and is rarely something that Royalty gets involved in. Illumination consists primarily of a heraldic achievement, less supporters and motto, and including a standard, surrounded by acanthus leaves and the type of vine work that has been in use since the beginning of the 15th century. The initial is decorated with whitework and surrounded by acanthus leaves. The text is in French; the style is very similar to what David Harris, in The Art of Calligraphy, calls French Batarde.


Appears in Practical Calligraphy: Techniques and Materials edited by M. Darton, Cresent Books, New York, 1990.

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