Detail, Letters of Confraternity to Sir John Stanley

English, 1527. Size of original is 40 cm by 22.5 cm. Illuminated document, a grant issued through Westminster Abbey promising prayers, et cetera, will be performed for John Stanley and his family. Illumination consists of a floral border, illuminated initial, Tudor Roses, and the arms of the family and the abbey. Text is in Latin, and is written with a very competent gothic bastarda hand. The detail as photographed in the below-mentioned reference shows the lining for the text, and contains several recognizable abbreviations. Note that some words are emphasized by being written a bit larger, but the writing is the same hand through the visable section.


Appears in The Common Chronicle: Archival Treasures from the County Record Offices of England and Wales. Association of County Archivists, Victoria and Albert Museum, London, 1983.

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