Grant of Arms and Crest to Thomas and Richard Barowe

English, 1495. Illuminated document granting arms and crest, signed and sealed by John Wrythe, Garter king of arms. Illumination consists of a short floral border, still in use in book illumination but considered old fashioned by 1495, and an illuminated initial containing the arms granted in the document. Although the calligraphy is difficult to make out in the original (and hence, in the scan), the text is sufficently clear to allow the writing to be described as in English and in a very even bastarda with the thick stems used for the "f" and "long-s".


Appears in British Heraldry from it's Origins to ca. 1800 by R, Marks and A. Payne, British Museum Publications Lmtd, London, 1978. Small, short book containing descriptions of a variety of heraldic manuscripts and documents, very like an exhibition catalogue.

See also Document 22 for a scan from this reference.

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