A scan of the calligraphy, bumped up 200%.

Color scan of the same document, showing the indented top of the document, blown up 200%, and somewhat less clear than the black and white scan.

Indenture between Henry VII of England and Abbot John Islip

English, 1504. Illuminated document in codex form arranging the distribution of alms in Westminster Abby. Illumination consists primarily of heraldic shields and badges, a decorated initial, and floral filler. The text is in English. The first line (the words "This indenture") is written in a gothic textura-type script, with the body of the text in a very even bastarda.


Appears in Tudor Royal Iconography by J. King; Chronicles of the Tudor Kings edited by D. Loades, and for a look at the document actually in its bindings and with the dependant seals, try The Life and Times of Henry VII by N. Williams.

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