Letters Patent from Edward the Sixth of England

English, 1547. Illuminated document from Edward VI to Gerard Harmond, in Latin. Detail of document shown above measures 26.3 cm by 56.6 cm at actual size. Illumination consists of realistic roses (in reference to the most well known badge of the Tudor family, the heraldic Tudor Rose), an Italianate letter "E", the achievement of the King of England, and an especially fine--portrait quality--miniature of Edward enthroned and surrounded by his ministers enclosed within a troempe l'oiel frame. Unfortunately, the text is difficult to make out. The hand is clearly an English bastard secretary. Important words in the text are written larger, but in the same hand.


Appears in Tudor Artists: A study of painters in the Royal service and of portraiture on illuminated documents from the accession of Henry VIII to the death of Elizabeth I. by Erna Auerbach, U London Athlone Press, London, 1954. Excellent book containing more than 50 illustrations of document illumination--mostly details, mostly from plea rolls--from the reign of Henry VI through James I.

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