Augmentation of Arms to the City of Vienna

German, 1461. Illuminated document granting an Augmentation to the Arms of the City of Vienna. Neither signature nor seal are identified, but the text suggests that the augmentation was granted by Emperor Frederick III on 12 August of 1461. Decoration consists of the heraldic display in the center of the text and a bit of flourishing on the calligraphy of the first line of text. The calligraphy is fairly clear in the original; the text is written in German and in a very even German bastarda, quite similar to David Harris' fractur.


Appears in Heraldry: Sources, Symbols and Meaning by Ottfried Neubecker, Tiger Books International, London, 1997.

Excellent visual reference for Continental, particularly Germanic, heraldry, especially as it was used in everyday decoration, et cetera.

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